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Arquivo em Curso

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Arquivo em Curso is a "living" archive of an organization, a series of events, and/or collection/s of performances. While one (or more) person collects stories, memories, knowledge and descriptions, another (or others) tells stories and shares knowledge through descriptions of his own (or second-hand) personal experiences. Thus, what is constructed is a loop, a cycle: a giving/receiving, a listening/telling, a learning/teaching - the boundaries of which are fluid. It is never one nor the other, but these complementary aspects bleed together and are constantly influencing each other. The more information the "collector" gathers, the more possibility there is of sharing second-hand stories and descriptions gleaned through listening, and as the one who recounts stories and memories speaks with others, s/he also gathers information from those with whom s/he speaks. It is a social archive; that is, the archive is lubricated and functions through social interactions and within situations that surround planned events. That is, the archive takes place between structured events; it develops in the moments that are often considered unproductive - the intervals, the breaks, the "in-betweens" of organized presentations and/or performances (identifiable as such). Furthermore, it uses the social mechanism of small-talk, it reclaims this medium as an artistic one and thus takes on the form of a social choreography under the guise of sociability.


Edifício AXA [Edição Única Aniversário, NEC], Porto (Portugal) - 19 - 24 October 2013