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At Once

...I start spinning, not figuratively, but as a part of an onstage counterclockwise spinning
vortex that only I perceive. I am a speck, a dot, flake, endlessly spiraling toward center
stage and absolutely no one in the audience can possible identify me as such...

Adaptation and performance by Ben Evans
Choreographed by Deborah Hay

following the participation in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project, Findhorn (Scotland), 2009

Commissioned by:

Stéphane Aubin
Brian Bauman
Satya Bhabha
Alex Borinsky
Kate Bredeson
Davi Cohen
Beth Cronin
Julie Cutelli
Jimmy Davison
Albane Duvillier
Bud & Diane Evans
Sara Greenberger-Rafferty
Marco Hidalgo
Mark Jeffery
Laura Kopec
Leslie Kristiansen
Kathy Kurtak
Julie Lake
Shira Milikowsky
Alissa Mortenson
Clotilde Payen
Annie Peacenik
David Rose
Liba Rubenstein
Bryan Saner
Kitty Schemmer
Taka Yamamoto


Valerie Gallery, Boulder (USA) - 3 December 2010
Pieter PASD, Los Angeles (USA) - 19 November 2010
Kunstfabrik, Berlin (Germany) - 11 July 2010
Performing Arts Forum, St-Erme (France) - 4 July 2010 (premiere)

Funded in part by FSDIE (Paris) and the Boulder Arts Commission

Valerie Gallery:


Dmitry Paranyushkin