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je t'aimerai toujours

The title taken from a "pre-written" text in my first French mobile phone ("I will always love you" or "I will love you forever" - how very French, I thought), this project was my first solo performance. Situated in my studio apartment of 20 square meters in Paris, I set out to create 8 minutes of new material every month for 8 months, presented to a monthly audience of 15. Each month's new work was added to the previous months', culminating in one hour of temporary experience and life of difference: city, language, space. Determined to value my first instincts, I vowed to keep each month's material unchanged from its first presentation, which was an experimentation in allowing the work to evolve as time went on, keeping the moments that I loved as well as those that I doubted. Additionally, I decided not to show the work before it was presented before an audience, which placed the spectator in a certain voyeuristic role, especially given that I was performing in my own domestic space.

Except for one performance (#5.5) in Athens, all performances took place in my first home in Paris:

120 rue Oberkampf
métro: Parmentier (ligne 3), Ménilmontant (ligne 2)
3e étage, en face

Musique (all given or introduced to me by a former lover):

Kylie Minogue, 'Can't Get You Out of my Head' (sb)
Cocorosie, 'Madonna' (jf)
The Magnetic Fields, 'The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side' (tc)
Bob Dylan, 'The Man in Me' (sb)
Portishead, 'Glory Box' (sb)
Buffalo Daughter, 'Silver Turkey' (jf)
Blonde Redhead, 'In Particular' (jf)
Nina Simone, 'My Baby Just Cares for Me' (sb)
Stereo Total, 'L'amour à 3' (jf)
Beck, 'Lost Cause' (sb)
Yo la Tengo, 'Center of Gravity' (tc)


22-25 juin 2008: 7 lbs. 8 oz.
24 mai 2008: i've got a brand new pair of rollerskates
26 avril 2008: ...but you were my darling first!
30 mars 2008: did you find the boiler behind the typewriter? (performed at nku, Athens)
21 mars 2008: god told me to google, or how much do i owe you for this session, doctor?
23 février 2008: what are the odds of a happy ending?
26 janvier 2008: the roller coaster that followed
28 décembre 2007: now i believe in coincidence
23 novembre 2007: i have a fantasy that you might be my nanny

photos: Irene Pomar / Damian Siquieros